St Nicholas Fields

Did you know you live on the doorstep of 24 acres of unique green space, a wonderful nature reserve just a ten minute walk away?  If you use the cycle path to go into the city centre, you will have passed the entrance to it, but have you ever been in?  Apart from being home to insects, mammals, birds and plants, there's a lot more going on - seasonal walks, pond dipping, events, workshops, surveys, talks, and volunteering opportunities for people of all ages including children, and all abilities.  Are you fed up with filling your landfill bin with rubbish you feel sure could be recycled (like highlighter pens, anything with a Terracycle logo, coffee packaging, some printer cartridges)?  Then find out more about recycling many items not currently recycled kerbside such as plastic, and help raise funds for St Nicks.   Second hand, up-cycled and green lifestyle items are for sale, again helping raising funds.  For more information visit the Environmental Centre, check out the website,  email, or phone 01904 411821.

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