Tang Hall Timebank

York Timebank is based at Tang Hall Community Centre in Fifth Avenue, and serving areas such as Osbaldwick, Tang Hall, Hull Road and Heworth. Timebanking is a way you can exchange skills and knowledge, and be rewarded for it by earning time credits. You can exchange any activities you think may be useful to someone else, such as decorating, gardening, tutoring, plant watering, hair cutting, putting up shelves, car washing, IT skills, and anything else you can think of!.  Every hour given helping someone, earns you one time credit.  Your time credits are then banked for you to spend when you need them.  You can then spend your time credits when you need help from someone else, whether it’s another time bank member or one of the partner organisations, such as Energise Leisure Centre.  If you’re interested in finding our more, or in joining, you can do so by emailing tanghalltimebank@gmail.com, phoning 01904 431492 (leave a message), or visiting the website.