A Local History Group for New Earswick and other JRHT communities

At the reopening weekend at the Folk Hall several people suggested setting up a local history group for New Earswick.  Our first meeting took place in mid-October.  Amongst other things, we talked about the idea of joining forces (formally or informally) with Derwenthorpe, and in due course other JRHT communities across the north.  We’d like to kick off 2019 with an initial programme of events.  We might do this with visiting speakers, exhibitions, and even a summer trip out to visit places where there are Rowntree connections across the north of England.  Personally, I’m very excited about this project and think there is huge potential in linking Joseph Rowntree’s special vision in the early 20th century with JRHT’s equivalent in the 21st.  And now that we’ve got dedicated space in the Folk Hall for exhibitions and get-togethers, the timing seems just right.

I would very much like to hear from you if you’re interested in getting involved.  It can be in any way ~ you don’t need to have a special interest in history, just a curiosity about the place where you live and a keenness to share your memories and meet up with others with similar passions.  Please contact me, Bridget Morris (The Rowntree Society) at info@rowntreesociety.org.uk or visit www.rowntreesociety.org.uk for more information.