Event Planning and Grants

If you’re thinking of organising a community event, and need help towards the costs, you can apply to the DRA for a small grant from our community pot.  As this funding was obtained by a grant from DPAC (Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Committee), we are bound to conform to certain criteria, which are contained within the application form. The DRA ask that if you are given a grant, that you acknowledge our support on all your advertising, for example posters, fliers, and facebook.

If your event is being held anywhere in the public spaces or the MUGA (multiple use games area ) then you must first obtain written permission from JRHT by applying to the Derwenthorpe Manager (by email is acceptable). You must also complete a risk assessment form at least four weeks in advance of your planned event or before the event is advertised, whichever is earlier. The original should be returned to the DRA and a copy to the Derwenthorpe Manager for consideration. The submission of the risk assessment form does not mean an automatic qualification for DRA public liability cover, nor permission from JRHT.  JRHT request that there is no advertising for any event until they have given permission, and the risk assessment endorsed by both JRHT and the DRA.

If you would like some guidance on how to organise an event then you can find it here.

You can fill out and return these forms online by using "fill and sign" on the PDF tools menu. This also includes how to add your signature. Alternatively you can print them, complete them by hand, and return them as indicated on the form.  If you need any further help, please let the secretary know by using the contact us form.