Derwenthorpe Nature Group

We are a group of residents who are interested in making Derwenthorpe a great place for nature to live, as well as for people.  We are doing this in practical ways – we have just started make some improvements along the cycle path.

Our first work session was on Friday 29 March, when ten residents joined by staff and volunteers from St Nicks spent a couple of hours lopping, pruning, scything, preparing areas for planting and sowing wildflowers, and building habitat piles.

This is just the beginning.  There are many opportunities in this lovely place we call “home” for us to develop and improve the natural informal green spaces in a sensitive way, that will ensure our natural environment is conserved, maintained and improved.

Here's a flier for some upcoming work groups. Do come and join us

If you want more information or have any ideas to share on how we can help nature flourish on Derwenthorpe, please email