Calendar Core team events, and York School Holidays 


DRA: Derwenthorpe Residents Association.

JRHT: Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust.

CYC: City of York Council

Core team: of the DRA - the core team is elected at the AGM.

DGG: Derwenthorpe Governing Group - five members are elected by residents at the AGM, five are appointed by JRHT.

DPAC: Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Group.

ARM: All Residents Meeting.

AGM: Annual General Meeting (of DRA - all residents.)

SGM: Special General Meeting (of DRA - all residents.)

York School Holidays (with public holidays) are published by City of York Council, but not dynamically.  If you see any errors, please notify the core team. Academies, private schools, and schools in other areas may have different holidays.