The Derwenthorpe Residents’ Association is a voluntary association that has been formed to support the needs of Derwenthorpe residents.


The Derwenthorpe Residents’ Association

  • promotes a harmonious community, helpfulness and neighbourliness.
  • is democratic, open and transparent in its actions.
  • promotes equality and fairness and is mindful of those who are most vulnerable.
  • provides a collective voice to promote the issues that are in the interests of residents.
  • seeks and supports the continual improvement of the area by making reasoned suggestions to and working in partnership with relevant people and groups. 

Our constitution describes how the DRA realises these principles.


The Derwenthorpe Residents Association (a not-for-profit organisation) is primarily funded by an annual stipend from Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust equivalent to £2 per household (the total amounts paid to the organisation have increased since 2015 as the development has grown). In addition to this stipend, some resident-led events have generated further income for the Association.

This stipend largely covers the operational costs of the association including (but not limited to) annual public liability insurance, costs associated with web and e-mail hosting and communication material (flyers announcing DRA events and meetings).

In 2017 the Association was successful in securing funding from DPAC (Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Committee) to establish a "Community Pot" available to residents and the local community in order to underwrite events, community activities etc. These amounts are held entirely separate from the operational income and costs of the Association (as reported on a monthly basis and at the annual AGM) and at no point will there be any subsidisation of the operational costs from the Community Pot (or vice-versa).

We have Public Liability Insurance for any events we organise. The insurance certificate can be found here.