Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) System

These are the systems installed in all houses except those on Stephenson quarter. These are the installation instructions, and this is the homeowner's guide.

Here is some more information about the MEV systems.

Some houses with MEV systems have proved to have had an incorrect ventilation tile fitted in the roof that seriously impedes the flow of exhausted air, thereby putting an undue long-term load on the fan unit, and significantly reducing the exchange of air in the kitchen and wet areas. If you would like to have your system checked, please feel free to contact John Reddick, a Derwenthorpe resident, who will be happy to perform a simple test with an industry-standard pressure-testing device, which will only require access to your loft area. You can make contact either by Contact us, or by phoning John direct on 07599 967182. (There would be no charge for this service.)